Photographic Journal: Springtime at Golden Gate Park

While visiting the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA a couple of Saturdays ago, the weather was sunny, and everything was quiet and peaceful. I watched lovers in a rowboat on the lake. She in broad-rimmed hat, relaxed and enjoying the scenery, occasionally smiling at him in approval. He rowing hard and rhythmically and, for that smile, ready to take her anywhere her heart desired.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 140_2_1

Then I saw two ducks, a male and a female.  It was clear, young girl loved boy, and boy loved young girl even more.

  San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 149_2_1San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 151_2_1

And, as no story is ever entirely happy and uncomplicated, other boys seemed to love young girl, too!

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 173_2_1

It wasn’t long before this turned into an argument.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 177_2_1

Then a chase ensued, whereby friends chimed in to help settle the dispute.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 179_1 San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 181_2_1





The flapping of wings and quacking caused quite a commotion. People looked up and watched.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 186_2_1

Meanwhile, young girl waited patiently.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 183_2_1

After a while, she got bored and decided to walk up the bank of the lake and check out my camera.

                San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 167_2_1     San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 193_2_1

Finally, her hero returned victoriously, but with a wound and a few feathers missing on his chest.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 195_2_1

He had to fight for what he so dearly loved and cherished, but it did not take him long to forget all about it. Young girl was his to keep.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 198_2_1

All the signs are there: spring has definitely arrived at the Golden Gate Park!

2 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: Springtime at Golden Gate Park

  1. Eloquently told love story, andelieya, and I’ll be watching the behaviour of those ducks on the pond in Swan Lane Open Space more carefully in future ;)…

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