Caught Red-Handedly

This little fellow was munching away on our roses

Shrimp Boats

These are shrimp boats that deliver daily fresh seafood directly to the docks of the restaurants along Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. This photo has recently been published on SCIWAY (South Carolina’s Information… Continue reading

I Love Daisies


Under the Blue Sky

Friday Night Sunsets 5

Wishing you a beautiful sunset of your own wherever you are!

Book Fairy

What struck me the most in this scene, other than the serenity of it, is how this young woman’s body curves so precisely with the contours of the tree branch. Her flexible young body completely eased… Continue reading

Cone Flower

I am dedicating this photo of a cone flower to my friend, wildsherkin who painted the most beautiful cone flower picture shown in this blog post:

New Beginnings

Ducklings in spring are a sign of new beginnings. So I found this photo of a little duckling, that I took two days ago, symbolic for my new beginnings in WordPress after a… Continue reading

Wounds of Neglect

When you look at this cactus the first thing you probably notice is that it is imperfect. It’s tall and healthy, but uneven in size from its base to its top. This is… Continue reading

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