Photographic Journal: A Relaxing Day in Pescadero, CA

Pescadero is a small town along beautiful coastal Highway 1, roughly an hour’s drive south from the San Francisco Bay area. The highlight of our visit there was the Harley Goat Dairy Farms where we took a tour.

On the tour we had abundant opportunity to pet the friendly goats and lamas and to learn how goat cheese is made. We were even allowed to sample some of the fresh cheeses. They were served in the loft above the old farm house where we were seated at a long, irregular-shaped, wooden log table on hardware-free ladder back chairs. The beautiful carpentry is the work of legendary local artisan, Three Fingers Bill.


Photographic Journal: Springtime at Golden Gate Park

While visiting the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA a couple of Saturdays ago, the weather was sunny, and everything was quiet and peaceful. I watched lovers in a rowboat on the lake. She in broad-rimmed hat, relaxed and enjoying the scenery, occasionally smiling at him in approval. He rowing hard and rhythmically and, for that smile, ready to take her anywhere her heart desired.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 140_2_1

Then I saw two ducks, a male and a female.  It was clear, young girl loved boy, and boy loved young girl even more.

  San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 149_2_1San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 151_2_1

And, as no story is ever entirely happy and uncomplicated, other boys seemed to love young girl, too!

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 173_2_1

It wasn’t long before this turned into an argument.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 177_2_1

Then a chase ensued, whereby friends chimed in to help settle the dispute.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 179_1 San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 181_2_1





The flapping of wings and quacking caused quite a commotion. People looked up and watched.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 186_2_1

Meanwhile, young girl waited patiently.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 183_2_1

After a while, she got bored and decided to walk up the bank of the lake and check out my camera.

                San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 167_2_1     San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 193_2_1

Finally, her hero returned victoriously, but with a wound and a few feathers missing on his chest.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 195_2_1

He had to fight for what he so dearly loved and cherished, but it did not take him long to forget all about it. Young girl was his to keep.

San Francisco Sacramento Marysville 198_2_1

All the signs are there: spring has definitely arrived at the Golden Gate Park!

Photographic Journal: Joe’s Taco Lounge

If you ever happen to be in Mill Valley, CA, you have to check out Joe’s Taco Lounge. Their service is excellent and the food delicious. In addition, you have the opportunity to see a very unique and delicate collection of antique Virgin Mary statues and pictures.

Photographic Journal: Temple Neighbors

I met these very friendly twin boys on a pilgrimage to the Bok Kai Temple in Marysville, CA. As it turns out their family has been neighbors to the temple for generations. While the annual Bomb Day Festival was in progress, the twins were occupying themselves with playing ball.

Photographic Journal: Beautiful Golden Gate Bridge

There is something irresistible about the Golden Gate Bridge. Tourists and locals alike feel compelled to photograph it from every direction, angle, and vantage point they can think of. I am no different. There has not been one visit to San Francisco where I did not photograph the Golden Gate Bridge.

Photographic Journal: On Tamalpais 2

Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California is a paradise for hikers. Its charming ruggedness, rolling slopes, and treeless top offer spectacular views in all directions. Here one can easily catch a glimpse of sun-drenched, hazy San Francisco and even a portion of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Photographic Journal: China’s First Emperor’s Terracotta Warriors

While in San Francisco, California recently, I had the good fortune to see some of China’s First Emperor, Qin Shihuang’s (259-210 BCE) original Terracotta Warriors. They are on display at the Asian Art Museum through May 27, 2013.

Photographic Journal: On Tamalpais

I am back from my workshop in San Francisco, California and have lots of photos of my adventures to share with you. Today I’d like to show you the first phenomenal views from Mount Tamalpais in Marin County on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. This group of young hikers is watching a beautiful, unobstructed sunset from their perch overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Young Men on Tamalpais_1_1

Young Men on Tamalpais 2_1