Photographic Journal: Red Berries

BerriesIn the past, my berry photos always turned out looking rather boring no matter what I did. I gave it one last try a few days ago when I saw these juicy berries against a red bridge backdrop. The lighting was just right as it was near the end of the day. Maybe all hope is not lost! (Av 8.0, Tv 1/40, EC -2/3. ISO 400, Focal length 60 mm)

6 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: Red Berries

  1. Perfect composition! The unfocused and sharp focus reminds me a bit of how we can get trapped in seeing life events through un-skilled eyes. And yet here I also see the beauty in both.

  2. Yes, I had several attempts at photographing red berries on my photoblog last year, andelieya, and they can be a bit of challenge, but the soft reds of the bridge in the background make for a lovely picture here :).

andelieya values and appreciates all of your comments, critiques, thoughts, and ideas!

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