Photographic Journal: Pink Petals

PetalsWhat intrigued me in this image is the contrast of the accumulated soft pink petals against the rustic, terracotta-colored brick border and random rocks along a path.

(Av 8.0, Tv 1/25, EC -1, ISO 400, Focal length 38 mm)

8 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: Pink Petals

  1. Okay, thanks, andelieya :). I’ll take EC-1 as meaning one stop underexposure in ancient photographic language ;). And it’s no trouble at all to add the technical details to my own photographs. In fact, I’ve been lazy in using this Canon digital compact so far, leaving it constantly set on auto-exposure (with no flash), but I do want to explore its other functionality…shutter priority, aperture priority and manual for instance, so I’ll do that this coming weekend :).

  2. An astutely put interpretation of the image, andieleya :). Incidentally, quite aside from the aesthetic qualities of your photographs, I’m finding the recent addition of the technical details beneath the images interesting (even though I don’t understand some of it – i.e. EC -1!). Anyway, if you’d like me too, I’ll add similar technical details to my own blog photographs in future…

    1. Dear yizhivika, thank you so much once again! EC means ‘exposure compensation’. If this is something you’d like to do and it is not too much trouble for you, I would enjoy seeing your shooting data. But keep in mind, you always post several photographs at a time, and it could get quite tedious. So please do not feel obligated! 🙂

andelieya values and appreciates all of your comments, critiques, thoughts, and ideas!

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