Sweet Temptations

In her post titled ‘Trails‘, Wildsherkin, a blogger from Cork, Ireland reminisced about the ‘bread and butter puddings in a cup’ from her childhood. This culinary tradition is something Irish and English immigrants made sure to bring with them to America.

Bread pudding, as it is called here in the Southeast, enjoys great popularity in our region. The basic recipe has not changed one bit with the exception of the sauce perhaps. (Here is a typical recipe I found online at My Recipes: Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce)

I was at Duke’s BBQ in Ridgeville, SC this evening. (You may wonder what this vegetarian was doing at a BBQ joint? Well, BBQ restaurants typically have a wide array of vegetable dishes as well. Those are the ones I enjoy while others have the BBQ pork and fried chicken.) And they had scrumptious bread pudding!

Normally, I avoid such a rich treats, because I try to stay away from too much cholesterol. But this evening I had to think of Wildsherkin’s post and her fond childhood memories. So I had TWO pieces of bread pudding (one for her and one for me, of course), and it was soooo good!

I asked the owner of Duke’s if I may take a phone camera photo of it and she said is was alright. The quality of the photo is not the best, but you get the idea.