Book Review: The Lunar Tao (by Deng Ming-Dao)

There is a distinct similarity between a tree’s source of strength and that of a human being. It is in the roots. A tree anchored in healthy roots will strive and be strong. The same is true for human beings. Our roots are our origin and that which we are part of: our families and nature. Uproot us or estrange us from our families and nature and we will be weakened. A whole spectrum of mental and physical problems may cascade over us. But our problems don’t have to be lasting or permanent. Often they are resolved simply by returning to our roots.

But how do we find our way back to our roots? Sometimes we need someone to show us, because there is so much noise in our lives that we can no longer think clearly. Our learned, detrimental behaviors and habits are so ingrained that we feel utterly lost. The Lunar Tao is a guide we can turn to if we feel lost. It is the work of a real person, Deng Ming-Dao, an experienced Taoist master who, through his extensive knowledge and vast insight, shows us how.

By its very definition, Taoism is a nature-based philosophical tradition. In The Lunar Tao, Deng Ming-Dao gradually and systematically reconnects us, through stories, poetry, and meditations, with our roots of family and nature. He shows us the value in festivals and rituals and in being in tune with all the changes that are taking place in nature. Soon we come to realize that we are actually microcosms within a macrocosm, and the same cycles of nature are paralleled within ourselves. Through observing nature and everything that is going on in it, we gain a better understanding of our own nature and what is going on in ourselves.

We don’t have to be pummeled by the currents of life like a piece of driftwood in a wild river. By following along The Lunar Tao’s eloquent, poetic and narrative illustrations of the natural cycles of all life we gain insight into who we are, what our inherent needs are, and how to reconnect and stay rooted. Thus, we regain our strength and inspire new hope to successfully navigate life’s constant changes and turbulences. After all, aren’t those turbulences not just like heavy winds or storms that will eventually subside and make way for sunny skies again?

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous Chinese New Year!

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