The Lunar Tao: Meditations in Harmony with the Seasons

Some of you recently commented on my photos of January’s full moon. Could it be that you are as fond of and as mesmerized by the moon as I am? If following and celebrating the moon with the help of a lunar calendar full of festivals, stories, meditations, and exercises and learning about Taoist wisdom sounds intriguing to you, then I highly recommend this new Harper One book, The Lunar Tao: Meditations in Harmony with the Seasons which was just published on January 29, 2013.The Lunar Tao

The author of the book is no other than contemporary Taoist master, successful writer, and renowned fine artist, Deng Ming-Dao, who has previously published 8 other books, among them the hugely popular 365 Tao.  In The Lunar Tao: Meditations in Harmony with the Seasons you will also find some of andelieya’s photographs as part of the illustrations.

Here are some useful links to more information about the book, such as sample pages and reviews:

If this sounds interesting to you, remember that the new lunar year starts on February 10th!


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The Role of Statues and Depictions of the Divine

On his Facebook page, Taoist Master, Deng Ming-Dao writes:

“If Taoists believe that we should look beyond gods, why then are the temples filled with them? If the master says that all answers are inside of us, why does the master help us find a personal deity to whom we direct our chants and our prayers? If all is illusory—including our little human world and the grandiose vision of heaven we have crafted for ourselves—why do Taoists work to restore temples and convey the scriptures?

They do this because we need these aids when we’re still young on the path. We need the gods to focus our imaginations. We need devotion to discipline ourselves, and to give expression to our piety. We need the words of the past sages to help us pacify our intellects.

Later, you can be one of those Taoist beggars in rags, wandering the road without caring about a single religious object or conception. You won’t need gods, you won’t need temples, you won’t need scriptures.

And yet, you’ll be grinning.”

I have been pondering what this means for me and my practice, and how I interpret the role of statues and images of the Divine, especially when they are consecrated.

When priests consecrate a statue or image of the Divine, regardless of whether it is Jesus, Buddha, Guanyin, or any other holy depiction that we feel drawn to, they direct the divine energy into the object.  The object, which now contains concentrated divine energy, becomes sort of like an embodied, perpetual prayer which appeals with us and also on our behalf to the Divine to help develop those qualities in us which we so admire and attribute to it.  In our devotion it aids us in purifying ourselves to make ourselves receptive for the treasures of the same divine qualities which we are gradually excavating in ourselves through our spiritual practice.

Featured Facebook Page: Deng Ming-Dao – Taoist Wisdom

If I had to pick the most favorite of my favorite Facebook pages, then it is the new page of Deng Ming-Dao.

Although, he is the author of eight popular books (with a ninth due out in January), a successful artist, and famous book designer, Deng Ming-Dao as a person has largely kept out of the public limelight.  Some of his readers have even wondered if he really exists.  The reason for Deng Ming-Dao’s hesitance of attracting limelight attention can be explained by the fact that he is a true, contemporary Taoist master who is trying hard to uphold the purity of the ancient Taoist sages’ original teachings.

Deng Ming-Dao is not another New-Age figure, self-help author, or pseudo spiritual leader.  Unlike many other authors and practitioners of Taoism, his Taoist lineage goes back directly to Huashan, one of China’s sacred mountains.  Aside from his numerous other skills and areas of expertise, this highly cultivated scholarly as well as practical Taoist master is fluent not only in ancient Taoist philosophy, but also in various styles of martial arts.

It comes as no surprise that Deng Ming-Dao’s international readership, including myself, rejoiced when he recently came on Facebook.  This new Facebook site, which has already developed into a genuine spiritual community, has made it possible for people of all spiritual traditions to see Deng Ming-Dao’s photo for the first time and find almost daily his profound wisdom and meditations, and information on Taoist history and philosophy.  Here readers are encouraged to enter into a dialogue with the master himself and with the other community members.

With Taoism being more of a philosophy, rather than a religion, it is universal.  Many of us already benefit from its wisdom and practical applications for everyday problems. Think acupuncture, acupressure, feng shui/geomancy, traditional Chinese medicine, internal and external martial arts, the I Ching, and the Daodejing!

I hope that I have sparked your interest enough and invite you to share this wonderfully inspirational site with me:

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