Sewing Project: Portfolio 1

Here is a new addition to my line of sewn items. I have seen similar portfolios before. My version is made of upcycled wool tweed fabric, claimed from a men’s jacket, and lined with natural linen for contrast. To give it a more feminine look, I embroidered the linen strap that makes up the closure.

Sewing Project: Needle Book

I didn’t get to bed until almost one o’clock in the morning, because this idea of a needle book kept spinning in my mind. My mother had one, and I loved it. It’s a very functional and handy thing for sewers. I just had to try making one. I looked through my supplies and found some felt pieces, beads, and embroidery floss. That’s all that was needed. Here is the result:

Sewing Project: Zippered Pouches 2

After mastering the smaller cotton pouches, I ventured out to make a medium size linen one. The pattern for this pouch is just slightly different. I like the fact that the end of the zipper is on the outside. It allows for the pouch to be opened wider. The little fabric cover over the zipper end adds an elegant finish. You don’t see it here in these photos, but the lining of this pouch is of the same dark brown fabric as the zipper cover.

Medium Pouch 018_2_1

Sewing Project: Zippered Pouches

This weekend it was raining in Charleston, SC, and I took a vacation from my usual activities of photographing and drawing. Instead, I sewed some pouches. They are fun to make, and a good project to use fat quarters (a term used in quilting for square pieces of fabric measuring 50 centimeters along each side) or for left-over materials from previous sewing projects.

If interested, there is a free zippered pouch tutorial on for a similar pouch.