Beauty in the Ordinary: Shadow

A couple of days ago, I got up in the morning, lit a candle on the table, and it cast this beautiful shadow on the ceiling.  I could not help, but to pull my camera out of its bag and take this photo.

Ordinary Things Shadow

Beauty in the Ordinary: Rubber

Today, while stopping at a traffic light, I glanced out of the window and saw this piece of rubber stuck in the mud at a road construction site.  I thought its pattern and texture were quite interesting.  Luckily, my camera was within reach and I could quickly take this picture before the light changed.  I wonder what this piece of rubber was used for?


Beauty in the Ordinary: Guitar

One does not have to look any further for beauty than one’s closest proximity.  In this new series, Beauty in the Ordinary I’d like to show that beauty can be found anywhere – in colors, in shapes, in textures, in contrasts, in the ordinary that surrounds us.

Today, I’d like to take a closer look at a guitar.  All shots were taken with a Canon 100mm macro lens which created the selective depth of field.