Water & Dry Land

This scene is very pleasing to me because I find the place where the ocean meets dry land a particularly enjoyable place. Name one person you know that still felt tense after spending some time at the water’s edge! People come to the beach to relax, to de-stress, and to recharge.

The dry land where people dwell and work and all of their responsibilities and obligations reside is on one side, and the ocean’s open expanse of ‘nothingness’ is on the other. Here we can set down our baggage for a few hours. It is so much easier to pick it up again, as we must, after some rest, when we had a chance to empty our mind and relax our muscles.

At the water’s edge we can experience what it is like to just be. For a brief moment, here we can be free from all human societal constructs.


Featured Poetry: Autumn

Leaves from the old oak tree

sail through autumn’s air

and settle on the ground.

My body chilled and shivering.

Once green, they now turn brown

and wilt away to nothingness.

The tree, bare and exposed,

accepts its fate in silence.

Worn bones and weathered skin,

I wonder:

will I be able to match such courage and endurance?

(by andelieya)

Sunday Meditation: The Highest Wisdom

The highest wisdom is to know nothing.
Brother Christian Rosenkreutz
Knight of the Golden Stone
A.D. 1459
(Taken from The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz)