Photographic Journal: Fort Moultrie Sunset

Photographers who live on the East Coast value their location for spectacular sunrises, but always dream of West Coast sunsets. There are spots, however, where one can catch beautiful sunsets even on the East Coast. One such spot is at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island, SC, at the mouth of the Charleston bay. (I am not much of a history buff, but Fort Moultrie was instrumental in the American Revolutionary War, where it guarded Charleston, SC against the British.)

Photographic Journal: Azalea Walk

The azaleas are currently at the height of their blooming season in our area.  Lovers, artists, and photographers alike flock to the gardens for romantic strolls and inspiration. Pair the blaze of colors with the setting sun and your are in for an enchanting evening.

Azalea Walk_1

Photographic Journal: Full Moon Night

Shem Creek Park 140_2_1The night has settled over Charleston, our beautiful city by the sea, and the moon is standing high in the sky illuminating the marsh land. The noise of the day has wound down, and it seems that the ocean has come alive with jumping fish and dolphins emerging from the deep, dark water for a breath of air. But the ocean is always alive.  We just don’t notice it until it gets real quiet.