Honoring Tea Culture

Honoring tea culture and the donkeys, horses and mules used to transport tea was my inspiration for this mini mixed-media collage. It is part of a little tag journal that I did. (A tag journal consists of tags held together by a ring, whereby the tags are used as the journal pages.)

Photographic Journal: A Relaxing Day in Pescadero, CA

Pescadero is a small town along beautiful coastal Highway 1, roughly an hour’s drive south from the San Francisco Bay area. The highlight of our visit there was the Harley Goat Dairy Farms where we took a tour.

On the tour we had abundant opportunity to pet the friendly goats and lamas and to learn how goat cheese is made. We were even allowed to sample some of the fresh cheeses. They were served in the loft above the old farm house where we were seated at a long, irregular-shaped, wooden log table on hardware-free ladder back chairs. The beautiful carpentry is the work of legendary local artisan, Three Fingers Bill.


Work Horses

Yes, one could walk or take the tourist bus, but isn’t there anything more romantic than a carriage ride through an old, historic city, especially if it is the one voted most popular in the United States?  Now one can even see Charleston, SC by night in a horse carriage that is illuminated with little sparkling yellow and blue lights!

Every day, twelve months a year, day and night, horses, such as the one shown below in its work gear, pull carriages holding eleven or more people.  They share the busy, crowded city streets with cars, have to constantly stop and go, and carry a bag with their own excrement.  I wonder if these work horses’ spirits are broken?