Photographic Journal: Lizard

With the unusually cold weather that rendered snow and ice in our area, I couldn’t help but wonder about the lizards that always hang around our house. What do lizards do in winter? How do they survive cold weather? A little research quickly produced answers to my questions:

“Green anoles hibernate in colder regions of their geographic range, which extends from the Carolinas, throughout Georgia and Florida, to Alabama and on to east Texas. They often hibernate in large groups and were probably congregating before it turned cold. Anoles spend winter under bark, inside rotten logs, or under boards of houses and barns. They can be seen on bright, sunny days in winter basking in the sun. As for feeding them, they will do fine with no help from us as they eat little or nothing in winter. When spring arrives, they will feed on small insects and spiders around the yard.”

(taken from the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory)