Photographic Journal: Just Another Tribute to the Full Moon

Shem Creek Park 084_3No matter where we are, tonight we all seem to be adoring the same thing: the beautiful February full moon. WordPress is flooded with posts showing glimpses of the moon by bloggers from all over the world.

Doesn’t our mysterious moon with its warm, golden light evoke a feeling of awe and a longing for surrendering to peace in us?  By sharing and adoring the same moon that sustains us all, aren’t we reminded that we are all fundamentally the same and closely tied together?  We don’t even have to look as far as the moon to come to that conclusion. What about our wonderful, bountiful, and generous earth?

With this photo I’d like to share with you my glimpse of our full moon as I have seen it over the Atlantic ocean, with Charleston shrimp boats underneath that have retired for the night after delivering fresh prawns directly to the local restaurants all day.

Love and peace tonight and always!


Photographic Journal: Full Moon Night

Shem Creek Park 140_2_1The night has settled over Charleston, our beautiful city by the sea, and the moon is standing high in the sky illuminating the marsh land. The noise of the day has wound down, and it seems that the ocean has come alive with jumping fish and dolphins emerging from the deep, dark water for a breath of air. But the ocean is always alive.  We just don’t notice it until it gets real quiet.