Seeing the World through a 1″ x 1″ Hole

Take an index card and cut out a 1″ x 1″ hole. Then look through this hole and describe what you see – in words or in any other way that moves you. This was an assignment given to us in my Celtic Spirituality study group. And I was happy for it! I like challenges, especially if their aim is to promote mindfulness and looking at the world from different perspectives than the ‘usual’ one.

My response to this challenge is a colored pencil drawing of a section of dried seaweed that I found at the beach which had grown onto a shell. It looks like a miniature tree, and I like to place my small Laozi figure by it. This gives it the appearance of Laozi sitting under a tree meditating.


Art Project: Leaf 1 (colored pencils)

Leaf1_1Inspired by my Tree Project, I collected fall leaves from miscellaneous trees, dried them, and photographed them to draw them later with colored pencils.  This drawing of a leaf which I found under a tree in front of Charleston’s City Gallery is the first result of my efforts.