Nature’s Landscape Paintings 25 – Mountains

I see rocky, tree-covered mountains with their peaks shrouded in clouds and just a little blue sky showing through. Nature painted this piece of art on an old wall.   Advertisements

Photographic Journal: Gravel

Staying with vibrant color, this photo of gravel is from a walkway at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina’s capital.

Photographic Journal: Bokeh Tree

I love bokeh, and I love color. This photo of a tree in downtown Charleston, SC got both!

A Valuable Lesson from Marsh Grasses

The lotus is not the only plant that emerges from the depth of mud and murky waters. I recently went for a walk along a creek just before dusk and stopped for a… Continue reading


Vacation Notice

I’ll be away at a workshop in beautiful San Francisco until March 17 and won’t be able to post any new stories or photos during my absence. See you in about two week!… Continue reading

Photographic Journal: A Play of Light and Shadows

The sun is setting over the swamp

Photographic Journal: ‘Painting on Water’

The human figure painted on a canvas of water

Photographic Journal: Delicate

Sweet Temptations

In her post titled ‘Trails‘, Wildsherkin, a blogger from Cork, Ireland reminisced about the ‘bread and butter puddings in a cup’ from her childhood. This culinary tradition is something Irish and English immigrants made sure… Continue reading

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