The Ugly Duckling – A Metaphor for the Human Condition

When I was younger, Hans Christian Anderson’s tale ‘The Ugly Duckling’ never struck me as anything else, but another fairy tale   My Tibetan Buddhist teacher’s narration of a similar tale, ‘The Chicken Eagle’, sparked… Continue reading

Remembering Knulp

Have you ever heard of Knulp?  Today, I am remembering him.  Actually, Knulp is not a real person.  He is a fictional character and the protagonist in Hermann Hesse’s book of the same… Continue reading

Red Sky At Dusk

What a dramatic sky we were surprised with this evening!  It took only two minutes and the colors were gone.  Unfortunately, not enough time to set up the tripod. 😦  


Sometimes I see a mother bird at our feeder with her grown and fully capable offspring.   While the young bird is sitting on a branch nearby, the mother bird painstakingly selects the… Continue reading

The Beauty in Flaws

Recently I stumbled upon a rose bush which was void of any leaves.  However, as I looked more closely, I noticed something peculiar about it:  it had one big, plump rose bud. All… Continue reading

At the End of the Day

I rest my head on a soft pillow of lush green moss and cover my body with a warm blanket of twinkling, golden stars. Then I say good night to mother Earth and… Continue reading

Another Circle Completed

Today I came across a funeral procession on the interstate.  Several police cars accompanied the mourning and cleared the right lane for free, unhindered passage.  All other drivers on the road kept at… Continue reading

Bridge Crossings

  A bridge represents movement and direction. Movement is good. Where there is movement, there is no stagnation, or stagnation is about to dissolve. Crossing a bridge is like being in liminal space.… Continue reading

In Response To Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist Blog Entry

To wander the palace while guarding the treasure Enjoying the splendors not falling for pleasure Reveals the secret we desperately seek eternal happiness to us will speak   Link to Paulo Coelho’s Blog… Continue reading


Row seven.  I started with nothing.  Now there are seven interwoven rows.  A form is emerging from something raw and formless.  It is a beginning.  Will the final form look the way I… Continue reading

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