Royal Tern

I recently saw this beautiful shorebird on one of my beach walks. The Royal Tern can be found on the East and West Coast of America, the Caribbean Islands, South America, Africa, and… Continue reading

Photographic Journal: Lost In Time

There is so much to be learned from a child’s ability to get lost in time. ‘Lost in time’ is such an interesting expression. It implies that time stands still and all that… Continue reading

Photographic Journal: Wooded Trail

Soul Collage

Since I mentioned soul collages a few days ago in a previous post, I thought I’d share some of my own soul collages with you.


Here I stand at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, my parents, siblings, and ancestors on one side and my children on the other. A family connected only by a large mass of… Continue reading

The Horse (A Fairy Tale)

(This is a fairy tale that I wrote at age 13. Sadly, I had misplaced it for a long time, but while cleaning out clutter in our house I found it again.) Once… Continue reading

Water & Dry Land

This scene is very pleasing to me because I find the place where the ocean meets dry land a particularly enjoyable place. Name one person you know that still felt tense after spending some time… Continue reading


I was just leaving the beach after a long walk, but then for some reason the ‘still life’ of these rocks in the water and reflections of the clouds above caught my attention. Instinctively,… Continue reading

Photographic Journal: Abstract 5

I am always fascinated by the abstract-art-like images of rust formations. This is one that is particular colorful.  

Nature Journal: Wing Segment

In this photo is shown a segment of a dead insect’s wet wing. Taken slightly out of focus, it rendered these countless, incredible bokeh discs from the little water beads not only in… Continue reading

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