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Sewing Project: iPad Mini Sleeve 2

Another handmade iPad Mini Sleeve creation made from all natural and partially upcycled materials of cotton, burlap, and wool tweed. Advertisements

Sewing Project: iPad Mini Sleeve

My iPad Mini got a new sleeve. It’s made from an old, upcycled men’s suit, a piece of burlap embroidered with Sashiko stitches, and leftover, floral fabric scraps.

Homesteading: Christmas Sustainability

Yes, there are some presents, but look, they are all in handmade fabric gift bags!  These bags are well-made, durable, and can be washed and reused.

Homesteading: Urban Backyard Farming November 2013

Everyday the papers are full of stories about the ailing economy, the nation being at the verge of bankruptcy, political party stand-offs, unemployment rising, those who still have a job working longer hours,… Continue reading

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