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Book Review: The Lunar Tao (by Deng Ming-Dao)

There is a distinct similarity between a tree’s source of strength and that of a human being. It is in the roots. A tree anchored in healthy roots will strive and be strong.… Continue reading

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous Chinese New Year! If you are following the lunar calendar along with a copy of The Lunar Tao by Deng Ming-Dao, start reading the first entry… Continue reading

The Lunar Tao: Meditations in Harmony with the Seasons

Some of you recently commented on my photos of January’s full moon. Could it be that you are as fond of and as mesmerized by the moon as I am? If following and… Continue reading

The Ugly Duckling – A Metaphor for the Human Condition

When I was younger, Hans Christian Anderson’s tale ‘The Ugly Duckling’ never struck me as anything else, but another fairy tale   My Tibetan Buddhist teacher’s narration of a similar tale, ‘The Chicken Eagle’, sparked… Continue reading

Remembering Knulp

Have you ever heard of Knulp?  Today, I am remembering him.  Actually, Knulp is not a real person.  He is a fictional character and the protagonist in Hermann Hesse’s book of the same… Continue reading

In Response To Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist Blog Entry

To wander the palace while guarding the treasure Enjoying the splendors not falling for pleasure Reveals the secret we desperately seek eternal happiness to us will speak   Link to Paulo Coelho’s Blog… Continue reading

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