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Wounds of Neglect

When you look at this cactus the first thing you probably notice is that it is imperfect. It’s tall and healthy, but uneven in size from its base to its top. This is… Continue reading

Outer Appearances May Be Misleading

This pear looked so old and unsightly that I was debating with myself whether I should still eat it or just toss it. I decided to eat it with blemished skin and all.… Continue reading


Here I stand at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, my parents, siblings, and ancestors on one side and my children on the other. A family connected only by a large mass of… Continue reading

The Horse (A Fairy Tale)

(This is a fairy tale that I wrote at age 13. Sadly, I had misplaced it for a long time, but while cleaning out clutter in our house I found it again.) Once… Continue reading

Water & Dry Land

This scene is very pleasing to me because I find the place where the ocean meets dry land a particularly enjoyable place. Name one person you know that still felt tense after spending some time… Continue reading


I was just leaving the beach after a long walk, but then for some reason the ‘still life’ of these rocks in the water and reflections of the clouds above caught my attention. Instinctively,… Continue reading

A Valuable Lesson from Marsh Grasses

The lotus is not the only plant that emerges from the depth of mud and murky waters. I recently went for a walk along a creek just before dusk and stopped for a… Continue reading

Vacation Notice

I’ll be away at a workshop in beautiful San Francisco until March 17 and won’t be able to post any new stories or photos during my absence. See you in about two week!… Continue reading

Announcement: My New Etsy Store

I just launched my new Etsy store and am so excited about it! The first few items are added, and more are to come. If you are interested, you can find it here:

Sewing Project: iPad Mini Sleeve 2

Another handmade iPad Mini Sleeve creation made from all natural and partially upcycled materials of cotton, burlap, and wool tweed.

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