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Photographic Journal: Of Trees and Leaves


Tree Project: Ginkgo has Fresh New Leaves

Tree Project: Chinaberry Tree is Blooming!

Art Project: Leaf 3 (colored pencils)

Art Project: Leaf 2 (colored pencils)

Another leaf completed. Preparing for a show.

Tree Project: Ginkgo’s Wakening

The first signs of movement on a Ginkgo tree after a short winter’s slumber.

Art Project: Leaf 1 (colored pencils)

Inspired by my Tree Project, I collected fall leaves from miscellaneous trees, dried them, and photographed them to draw them later with colored pencils.  This drawing of a leaf which I found under… Continue reading

Tree Project: Winter Follow-Up

The day before New Year’s Eve I visited my trees again to check on them.  There was a short line at the entrance to Middleton Plantation, where the trees are located.  The day… Continue reading

Tree Project: Late Fall Chinaberry Tree (colored pencils)

Tree Project: Goethe’s Ginkgo Leaf Poem

Ginkgo Biloba This tree’s leaf, which here the East In my garden propagates, On its secret sense we feast Such as sages elevates. Is it but one being single Which as same itself… Continue reading

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