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Awakening is like emerging from the dark imprisonment of a little matchbox through a narrow gap and stepping out into the bright vastness of the universe. Advertisements

The Role of Statues and Depictions of the Divine

On his Facebook page, Taoist Master, Deng Ming-Dao writes: “If Taoists believe that we should look beyond gods, why then are the temples filled with them? If the master says that all… Continue reading


Footsteps appear from nowhere. When the work is done, they disappear into eternity.

Meditation While Raking Leaves

Yesterday, a landscaper rang our door bell.  He offered to rake our yard for $ 65.00 front and back.  I can’t thank this stranger enough!  He must have been heaven-sent.  No, it is… Continue reading

The Darkest Time of the Year

The sunny days are over. It is cold and rainy. The weather is not conducive for photography today. But this afternoon holds a special treat for us: the annual, international creche exhibit at the local… Continue reading

Follow-Up Discussion of My Previous Blog Entry: The True Self

This is a follow up discussion of my previous blog entry, “Sunday Meditation: The True Self” with Deng Ming-Dao. Deng Ming-Dao is an artist, writer and the author of eight books, with… Continue reading

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