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Art Project: Horse (acrylic)

Art Project: Beetle 2 (colored pencils)

Art Project: Mountain Chain (mototype print)

Art Project: Tribute to Bruce Lee (mixed media on wood panel)

The newspapers used are in Chinese and German to honor Bruce Lee’s Chinese-German ancestry.

Art Project: Autumn Leaf (Water Color & Spice Tincture)

I painted this leaf partially with water color and partially with tinctures I made of spices.

Art Project: Three Sages (linocut)

Art Project: Beetle (colored pencils)

Art Project: Yin-Yang Paper Mosaic

To show the universal presence of Yin and Yang, I made this paper mosaic out of international newspapers.

Art Project: Leaf and Circles (Monotype Print)

Art Project: Sheep Under Red Tree (Monotype/Collagraph Print)

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