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Sewing Project: Sashiko Embroidered Bag

This little, olive-colored, sashiko embroidered bag with natural twine pull strings comes with a positive message: good fortune

Sewing Project: Shoulder Bag 1

This sashiko embroidered shoulder bag is made of natural linen with striped cotton utility fabric for lining.

Sewing Project: Portfolio 1

Here is a new addition to my line of sewn items. I have seen similar portfolios before. My version is made of upcycled wool tweed fabric, claimed from a men’s jacket, and lined… Continue reading

Sewing Project: Zippered Pouches 6

Sewing Project: Zippered Pouches 5

My new patchwork pouch creation.

Sewing Project: Zippered Pouches 4

andelieya’s latest 2014 sewing creations. (Building new inventory for the farmers’ market in spring and for Etsy.)

Of Nature and Handmade Items 4

This is the last one of four pouches, along with the ones featured previously in my series ‘Of Nature and Handmade Items’, that I made for a group of friends and beautiful, young… Continue reading

Of Nature and Handmade Items 3

Of Nature and Handmade Items 2

Another nature-inspired handmade pouch of rich blues and warm gold which reminds me of water, the sky, autumn leaves, and everything natural and organic.

Of Nature and Handmade Items 1

Here is a little picture story of my Sunday. The weather was very mild and sunny. I went for a long walk through old rice fields. It was so still that I could… Continue reading

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