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Seeing the World through a 1″ x 1″ Hole

Take an index card and cut out a 1″ x 1″ hole. Then look through this hole and describe what you see – in words or in any other way that moves you. This was… Continue reading

Royal Tern

I recently saw this beautiful shorebird on one of my beach walks. The Royal Tern can be found on the East and West Coast of America, the Caribbean Islands, South America, Africa, and… Continue reading

Soul Collage

Since I mentioned soul collages a few days ago in a previous post, I thought I’d share some of my own soul collages with you.

Sewing Project: Japanese-Inspired Cherry Shoulder Bag

Japanese-Inspired Cherry Shoulder Bag

Sewing Project: Japanese-Inspired Cotton Shoulder Bag

Just finished another sewing project. What I like the most about this modern, Japanese-inspired shoulder bag is its simple design.

Sewing Project: Japanese-Inspired Cotton Pouch

Here is another addition to my repertoire of sewn items. In Japan, a pouch like this is used to carry one’s bento box or Japanese lunch box. My 100% cotton drawstring pouch can… Continue reading

A Celebration of Tea

Talented, imaginative, artsy, crafty, and humorous wildsherkin from Sherkin Island, Ireland keeps inspiring me. Today, I found a post of a lovely, hand-knitted tea cozy on her blog. It reminded me of my own hand-made… Continue reading

Announcement: My New Etsy Store

I just launched my new Etsy store and am so excited about it! The first few items are added, and more are to come. If you are interested, you can find it here:

Pure Indulgence for the Bathroom

Two thick, luxurious washcloths, hand-crocheted from 100% soft cotton with contrasting border and loop for hanging.

Sewing Project: Orange Pouch

In this simple, but practical pouch I repurposed the mesh material from a bag of Trader Joe’s oranges. The green cotton fabric lining and blue zipper make for a bold contrast.

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