Outer Appearances May Be Misleading

This pear looked so old and unsightly that I was debating with myself whether I should still eat it or just toss it. I decided to eat it with blemished skin and all. Contrary to my expectation, it turned out to be firm, perfectly ripened, and deliciously sweet.

Lesson learned: Never judge anything or anyone by the outer appearance. There may be perfect maturity and delicious sweetness inside. All we need to do is ‘take a taste’ to find out.


2 thoughts on “Outer Appearances May Be Misleading

  1. I think I would have thrown it away without even thinking, what a good thing to give it a try. You are right, it goes for so many things (and people!) that we need to give them a real chance. Shall we call it a fruitful experience? (sorry, could not resist that pun…)

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