A Celebration of Tea

Talented, imaginative, artsy, crafty, and humorous wildsherkin from Sherkin Island, Ireland keeps inspiring me. Today, I found a post of a lovely, hand-knitted tea cozy on her blog. It reminded me of my own hand-made tea cozies with embroidered fobs. So these photos are dedicated to wildsherkin and to the celebration of tea.

These photos below of camellia sinensis (tea plants) where taken at The Charleston Tea Plantation on Wadmalaw Island, SC, America’s only tea garden.

For those of you who love hot masala tea (Indian spice tea or chai), please see my previous post for a recipe.

4 thoughts on “A Celebration of Tea

  1. Nice photos. I’m not generally one to use tea cosies, as I don’t like to hide the natural beauty of the ceramic and clay pots I have. I prefer to let it steep for a while, then top up with hot water.

    Genmaicha (japanese rice tea) is my favourite currently for afternoon breaks.

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