Photographic Journal: A Relaxing Day in Pescadero, CA

Pescadero is a small town along beautiful coastal Highway 1, roughly an hour’s drive south from the San Francisco Bay area. The highlight of our visit there was the Harley Goat Dairy Farms where we took a tour.

On the tour we had abundant opportunity to pet the friendly goats and lamas and to learn how goat cheese is made. We were even allowed to sample some of the fresh cheeses. They were served in the loft above the old farm house where we were seated at a long, irregular-shaped, wooden log table on hardware-free ladder back chairs. The beautiful carpentry is the work of legendary local artisan, Three Fingers Bill.


10 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: A Relaxing Day in Pescadero, CA

  1. Such colour and brightness Andelieya ! Sounds like you enjoyed this day out . Llamas though … Lol I usually stand well back from the fence 😉

andelieya values and appreciates all of your comments, critiques, thoughts, and ideas!

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