Photographic Journal: He

Why the title ‘He’ you may ask? He comes to our yard every evening around the same time. Stealthy as he is, sometimes we just see him swooping by from the corner of one eye. At other times we hear his call. Then we proclaim, “He is out there again!” and run to the window to see if we can make him out among the tangle of branches and leaves. Or we ask, “Is he out there yet?” If we don’t see him, we are disappointed. That’s our little evening ritual.

Of course, we have no way of knowing if he is a he or a she. But we have really taken to him. This evening we saw him swooping by again onto his favorite branch. It was almost dark. I grabbed my camera, set it to ISO 1600 and ran outside to take a quick handheld photo of him. (That’s why the grainy picture.) So here he is! ….. Or maybe it is his friend, who also comes by and whom we also call ‘he’. (Although, we are secretly hoping they are a pair.)