Housekeeping: andelieya is turning off all ‘likes’!

Dear Fellow Bloggers, Readers, and Friends of andelieya,

I have decided to do something revolutionary today: I am turning off all ‘likes’ on my posts (if I can figure out how to do it). Don’t worry, the ‘comments functionality’ will still remain enabled.

Right now you are probably wondering why I am doing this, am I right? Well, it really has nothing to do with you, but it has everything to do with me. ‘Likes’ stroke my ego too much, and my Path wants to take me away from all ego-stroking habits.

Now you will probably ask why no ‘likes’, but still ‘comments’, and how I define the difference between the two. I see ‘likes’ as very casual little kudos, but comments are communication.  I welcome all communication and the critique and thoughts of my fellow bloggers, readers, and friends.

Do continue to tell me what I am doing right and what I could improve on. Send me your ideas and thoughts. Or just stop by to say ‘hello’ or to tell me what is going on at your end. It is all valid and much appreciated communication that builds community. I consider the creative WP community that I share as very dear and special.

So this will be my trial. I hope you are not disappointed. Drop me a comment and tell me what you think anytime!