Housekeeping: andelieya is turning off all ‘likes’!

Dear Fellow Bloggers, Readers, and Friends of andelieya,

I have decided to do something revolutionary today: I am turning off all ‘likes’ on my posts (if I can figure out how to do it). Don’t worry, the ‘comments functionality’ will still remain enabled.

Right now you are probably wondering why I am doing this, am I right? Well, it really has nothing to do with you, but it has everything to do with me. ‘Likes’ stroke my ego too much, and my Path wants to take me away from all ego-stroking habits.

Now you will probably ask why no ‘likes’, but still ‘comments’, and how I define the difference between the two. I see ‘likes’ as very casual little kudos, but comments are communication.  I welcome all communication and the critique and thoughts of my fellow bloggers, readers, and friends.

Do continue to tell me what I am doing right and what I could improve on. Send me your ideas and thoughts. Or just stop by to say ‘hello’ or to tell me what is going on at your end. It is all valid and much appreciated communication that builds community. I consider the creative WP community that I share as very dear and special.

So this will be my trial. I hope you are not disappointed. Drop me a comment and tell me what you think anytime!



22 thoughts on “Housekeeping: andelieya is turning off all ‘likes’!

  1. OK, well, I don’ t know if I’m there (yet?) but I absolutely get what you’re doing. It’s frustrating not to be able to click on the like button, I’ll admit. But of course comments are much more meaningful. I’ve been overwhelmed with all the blogs I have followed, and with keeping up with people who follow me – I always feel obligated to return the favor of a ‘like’ with a visit, and it eats up time. Sometimes it’s meaningless, not always. Often it’s rewarding to follow where the likes lead. But the same can be said for comments, and more so. Without the likes in the beginning I guess things would be different. Slower & saner for everyone, maybe!
    You could have just done this without explanation so I’m glad you wrote. It gives us all a chance to think about something we take for granted.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for being so supportive, Lynn! Under no circumstances feel obligated to comment on all of my posts! I know you are following and looking. That’s good enough for me. Please comment ONLY if you feel so moved. That’s the whole idea. I liken it to going to a gallery. There we do not stop and comment on every piece of art either, but only the ones that catch our attention. The ones that strike a cord with us. Thank you again!

  2. Here I am at last. You know I like everything you do so I know you will forgive me if I don’t always comment.I’m not the most articulate so look on it as quiet appreciation from afar! I don’t think you should view the like button as ego-stroking…it is more about affirmation, encouragement and appreciation. x

  3. Respect to you, andelieya; I stopped following your blog a week or two ago, and I agree that the ‘likes’ (a la Facebook!) are too often a facile and ego-tickling gesture that are inimical to an ascetic, spiritual path that underlies taoism. Nonetheless, I want to express my gratitude to you here (and it’s okay, you don’t have to publish it ;)) for the contribution you made to my WordPress site last year particularly. As I said in an email to you once, I’ll remember you with affection :). Take care, and best wishes to you on your continuing spiritual journey…

  4. It’s your choice andelieya. As others had said with or without comment we will still visit your blog for a reason–we like it! and I suppose turning off that “like” button will not lessen the interest of those who really appreciate your blog.

  5. Aaaaaaaah! I just clicked the email like link a whole buch of times on the past few posts as I sorted through email backlog and then I come to this! Although, even though the like link was still in the emails, it doesn’t seem to have gone through on the posts. I guess I didn’t like them after all! …wait. o_o;

    1. Well, I found out that if you do not have a paid WP account, you can not completely turn off the ‘likes’, but they will definitely not show up under the posts anymore. So it looks like you did ‘like’ them after all, and I thank you so much for it, cavepainter! 🙂

  6. I’ve thought about this as well, but if someone follows you, you still appear in their reader and the like button cannot be turned off there (as far as I’m aware). So you will still be receiving likes.

    The only real way to turn off likes is to change to a fully paid site.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, lignumdraco! I was wondering why there were still ‘like’ notifications coming in. But at least they are not being tallied up and displayed under my posts anymore. Maybe I switch my paid Wix website to WordPress later in the year. Then I can turn the ‘likes’ off completely.

  7. I support you 100% and will not stop visiting your blog if it is not there anymore. I often don’t comment because I do not have anything to add to the discussion. This is especially true if the picture or words are thought provoking. I sometimes need time to mull things over before I have something to say. The “like” button is a nice way to say I’ve read/looked at your post but it is not really necessary.

    1. Thank you so much, Jackie! And I understand 100% the concerns that you have. I know you will visit and take a look at my work with or without ‘voting buttons’. There is no need to constantly comment on it, unless you feel especially moved to share some of your thoughts with me.

  8. In a world enamoured with narcissism, I cherish and acknowledge this decision Andelieya. I believe it has made me see so much of you even in a choice such as this one. Hugs, Sharon

    1. I know, Michelle! And thank you so much for it! I sincerely hope you continue to visit my blog. There is really no need to comment on every post. As in the past, you will know if and when you have some thoughts that you would like to share with me. There is no change in that respect. Namaste, andelieya

  9. Hi Andelieya, I must admit that I’m a tiny bit disappointed 😉 Clicking “Like” is such an easy, quick way of showing appreciation.. It takes more effort to write a comment, especially if you visit ~100 blogs a day! But I definitely see your point as well 🙂 Namaste~ Calee.

    1. Dear Calee, I understand how you feel. Perhaps there is another way, and all of my posts do not spark or need a comment. Rest assured that I know you are visiting and looking at my work. Only send me your thoughts if you really feel moved to do so. Comments or no comments, both is fine. I very much appreciate you taking the time to share with me your thoughts on this! Best, andelieya

andelieya values and appreciates all of your comments, critiques, thoughts, and ideas!

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