True Connection

When one is truly connected with another, one shares not only their joys, but also senses their troubles and sorrows. This can manifest itself in form or thoughts, physical sensations, or even premonitions. One feels the urge to step in and help in any which way one can, giving of one’s time and providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support. Even if it means inconveniences for oneself or risking one’s own health. This is called true love and compassion.

The world is full of fair weather friends. In times of misfortune and suffering the very few truly connected friends will quickly stand out from the crowd, because the crowd will be absent and they will be the only ones left.

10 thoughts on “True Connection

  1. To have found a friend like this is a treasure. To be a friend like this is an honour. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts and how we may be this sort of friend. I wish you loveliness in your day and blessings. Sharon

  2. Beautiful. I was just watching the Dalai Lama give a talk at the University of Cal. at Santa Barbra on this very topic. My big draw toward Buddhism 47 years ago was the ‘living’ of compassion.

  3. Andelieya, I hear you, and compassion certainly has many benefits to ourselves and others. I have had people tell me (lots) that I have to take care of myself, and sometimes, it can be tricky to find a balance. Through the years, I find it’s true that one has to take care of oneself or else everything becomes harder. The tao is about balance. If we don’t find it, sooner or later it will find us!

    1. Dear Judy, there is a lot of truth in your comment. If we don’t take care of ourselves and become weak, what good are we for others? The tricky thing with balance is that in our modern world there is so much ‘noise’, pressure, and distractions that people have become out of tune with themselves. Often they don’t pick up on the messages from their own bodies and minds, or disregard them because they have more ‘urgent’ things to do, or they simply don’t know what they need or need to do to maintain balance. Perhaps that is why lately there has been so much talk about mindfulness. Today, we need books to teach us about mindfulness, something which used to be very natural for us.

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