10 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: Nature’s Landscape Paintings 12

    1. Just now noticed last comment, Monet for sure. Years ago an artist friend actually was invited to the Monet a Garden to paint, she was actually given the run of the place even after hours. The paintings she brought back for her one woman show all sold within 2 hours of the opening, I was delighted.

  1. Hmmm, an interesting article that makes some valid points, but not one I wholly agree with it, as for me, it’s fatally flawed by its weltschmerz-ridden premise of ‘What can you photograph when every picture has already been taken?’. Photography can, of course, be an art-form, but it’s much more than that, especially in the context of time and place. Incidentally, going off at a tangent slightly, the British Library put out this press release a few days ago…


    …truly mind-boggling…;).

    1. I agree! There is photography as art. In art one does not want to repeat what has already been done. But there is also photography as a means of capturing and documenting what is going on in our place and during our time. I think your blogs would make a very nice contribution to the latter! Thanks for sharing that interesting article!

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