New Year’s Resolutions

How often have New Year’s resolutions turned into success stories, especially if one has too many of them, and they are all extremely ambitious and hard to fulfill? Sometimes success is more achievable if one limits one’s resolutions to only one major one at a time.

As I was cleaning my studio, I came across this Charleston Post & Courier newspaper clipping of 2012 New Year’s resolutions. There, among many others, was mine, and it jumped right out at me. Compared to previous years, in 2012 I had just one resolution, and this time it turned out to be a success story. I am so happy!

New Year's Resolution 001_2_1

Now, that I got you curious, I owe it to you to show some of the other 2012 New Year’s resolutions from my fellow Charlestonians.

It is wonderful to see that every year so many people desire change and look to the future with new hope and enthusiasm!  Of course, there is no need to wait until January to set new goals and make changes in our lives. We can make them at any given time. The good news is that we can set new goals and work toward them right now, at this very moment.

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Congratulations Andelieya! Now that was a resolution. Do you think that getting one’s resolution published makes it more real somehow? I should give it a go! Some of the resolutions brought a smile. I wonder how Madison and George Means did 😀 Happy weekend! Sharon

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I have been getting a lot of guidance from two of my teachers whose professionalism I greatly admire and whose opinions I value very much. Both of them believe that it is helpful if you set yourself a goal and a due date for the completion of the goal, and then announce it. It does not have to be in the newspaper, of course. (I just did that because it was the New Year and I was excited and felt this sense of community with my fellow Charlestonians. So I joined in the fun.) But announcing your goal to your friends and/or family will help you stay focused, committed, and on track. Hope you have a restful Sunday as well! andelieya

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