Photographic Journal: Azalea Walk

The azaleas are currently at the height of their blooming season in our area.  Lovers, artists, and photographers alike flock to the gardens for romantic strolls and inspiration. Pair the blaze of colors with the setting sun and your are in for an enchanting evening.

Azalea Walk_1

8 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: Azalea Walk

  1. Beautiful :). There’s a location in Richmond Park in south-west London, called Isabella Plantation, famed for its blossoming azaleas and rhododendrons in springtime. I went down there in late May with my partner last year, and it was lovely enough in the spring sunshine, but we should have gone a couple of weeks earlier to capture it in its full glory. Anyway, I’ll revist Isabella Plantation in month or so, and post up some pictures of it, along with a few of Richmond Bridge ;).

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