Sewing Project: Zippered Pouches 2

After mastering the smaller cotton pouches, I ventured out to make a medium size linen one. The pattern for this pouch is just slightly different. I like the fact that the end of the zipper is on the outside. It allows for the pouch to be opened wider. The little fabric cover over the zipper end adds an elegant finish. You don’t see it here in these photos, but the lining of this pouch is of the same dark brown fabric as the zipper cover.

Medium Pouch 018_2_1

8 thoughts on “Sewing Project: Zippered Pouches 2

  1. OH now that IS nice andelieya ! In the past I have hated doing anything with zippers LOL
    Such pretty fabric you chose for it 🙂

      1. I agree wholeheartedly ! I love meeting *up* and sharing thoughts ideas … oh and snippetts of niff naff in my case Lol .

  2. And you sew as well! Loving all the beautiful things you create Andelieya. And btw, sewing is another hobby I have been thinking of taking up because I love fabrics and I love little pouches and drawstring bags…Sharon

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