Photographic Journal: Full Moon Night

Shem Creek Park 140_2_1The night has settled over Charleston, our beautiful city by the sea, and the moon is standing high in the sky illuminating the marsh land. The noise of the day has wound down, and it seems that the ocean has come alive with jumping fish and dolphins emerging from the deep, dark water for a breath of air. But the ocean is always alive.  We just don’t notice it until it gets real quiet.

6 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: Full Moon Night

  1. Evocative words and picture, and I was intrigued enough by the bridge as a focal point to google it, to find out more about it. I learn it’s 4km long, and was opened in 2005, and I am wondering whether you were there to witness the opening ceremony :).

    1. Thank you, yizhivika! No, I was not there for the ceremony. Actually, there is some controversy surrounding this ceremony. Our governor at that time, Mark Sanford voted against this bridge project. Although, Charleston had two very old, outdated and unsafe bridges he wanted to portray the image of a frugal governor. Thus, when the bridge was officially opened with a big ceremony, he did not come. Keep in mind that he is the same governor who went AWOL on a first class trip, paid for by the people of South Carolina, to visit his mistress in Argentina. 🙂

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