Art Project: Caps & Shadow

Caps_1Calling this an ‘art project’ may be a bit exaggerated.  But I saw this shadow and had lots of caps saved up for a future art project, and then I got this ‘what if?’ moment.  I wanted to see what it would look like if I let my little plant cast its shadow on my bottle caps.

4 thoughts on “Art Project: Caps & Shadow

  1. Well, I hope you’ll give free rein to other ‘what if’ moments, andelieya; I think this works well as an image, and reminds me of a duotone (or tritone) image, albeit one apparently produced by natural light here :). By the way, this is off-topic, I know, but I’ll mention it anyway. ;). I picked up my copy of ‘The Lunar Tao’ today, and I was very pleased to see a number of your own images woven seemlessly into the spiritual fabric of the book…and I guess we’ll be exchanging an email or two about the book in due course… :).

andelieya values and appreciates all of your comments, critiques, thoughts, and ideas!

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