10 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: Invasion

  1. Your ‘critter’ aliens look as if they are on a mission! I’ve read your previous comment and had a look at David Batchelder’s work – so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Another great macro photo, with some lovely background bokeh… I am a tad bemused by ‘Invasion’ as its title, but then, I don’t need to understand it to appreciate the beauty of the image :)….

    1. Thank you, yizhivika! I am glad that you mentioned that my title confuses you, because now I can tell you what I saw: The dark shapes on the twigs remind me of little aliens with brazen capes and bulbous heads. They look like they just landed and are now climbing up ropes to invade. 🙂

      It is my goal to make art with my photography. Therefore, some of my photos and titles may appear to be slightly ‘off the wall’ to my readers. But the artistic aspect is what makes photography really worthwhile to me.

      In his book ‘Photography and the Art of Seeing’, renowned photographer, Freeman Patterson reminds us: “Before you try to pin [the subject] down, indulge in fantasy. Imagine!” http://www.freemanpatterson.com/index.htm

      On Saturday I went to see photographer, David Batchelder’s new exhibit at our City Gallery. I was able to chat with David for a little while. He specializes in beach photography, but does not consider any of his images just beach and sand. Instead, he sees something else, something otherworldly in them. If interested, check out his website: http://davidbatchelder.com/

      1. Okay, thanks for the explanation of the post’s title, and I see where you’re coming from ;). Thanks very much too, for the links to the Freeman Patterson and David Batchelder’s websites, both of which I found interesting, and that’s particularly true of some of Freeman Patterson’s stuff. In fact, I’ve now ordered the book you mention from Amazon… I also really like his ShadowLight (or was it LightShadow!) book, and may well buy that too in due course :).

        1. I hope that you find lots of inspiration in Freeman Patterson’s book(s), yizhivika! Btw, I also have his book ‘Photography of Natural Things’, which I have not read yet. I found both books in brand new condition at a local used book store for only $2.00 each. So much luck!!! Another good book is ‘Tao of Photography – Unlock Your Creativity Using the Wisdom of the East’ by Tom Ang. 🙂

          1. $2.00 each sounds a veritable bargain ;). Funnily enough, I bought a Tom Ang book in a remaindered bookshop in Fareham last Friday, although it wasn’t ‘Tao of Photography’ and mine cost me six quid English money (around $9.50). Incidentally, on Amazon’s site, I notice there’s another ‘Tao of Photography’ book, this one by Philippe L. Gross and S.I. Shapiro, published a few months after the Tom Ang one, but as yet, I’ve not read anything from either book…

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