Blogging Awards

I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by a fellow blogger who I follow, respect and cherish very much.  The honor bestowed upon me was a real surprise, and I am very grateful that this fellow blogger would think of my blog as worthy enough to receive an award.

I have seen award medallions on other blogs before, but no one had approached me thus far.  Thus, the recent nomination opened up the question for me about my own personal philosophy on blogging awards and showcasing medallions. I had to really ponder this for a while, especially since I have been working hard on removing as many labels from my life as possible.  And is an award medallion not another label? So here is what I concluded:

All bloggers should be commended for their efforts of doing and sharing something creative whether it is writing, photographing, making art, a combination thereof, or any other creative pursuit. Award medals are alluring, though.  One might easily become distracted by them and allow them to become the new focus of one’s efforts. Consequently, I have decided for myself to continue on my simple path of creating and sharing my art, photography, and writing with you without allowing my ego to bolster itself with labels and blogging awards.

This personal decision of mine has no bearing on my admiration for your blogs.  I will continue to delight in your blogs whether they showcase medallions or not.  As I mentioned before, I think all of you should be applauded for letting the creative do its work in and through you!