2 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: Chased

  1. Who was doing the chasing, andelieya! ;). Well-captured anyway; I can see from the background, and from the sheep’s foreleg, that it was moving rather than static :). And I promise I’ll send you an email this coming weekend :).

    1. Thank you! Well, interesting that you should ask, yizhivika because I just found out myself. So now I can tell you. At Middleton Plantation the sheep are kept on a pasture and out of the cultured gardens, because otherwise they would eat up all of the showy plants and flowers. However, occasionally someone accidentally leaves the gate open to the stable yard and the sheep manage to sneak in. There is an unhindered passage that leads from the back of stable yard to the gardens. You can already see where this is going and how smart these sheep are. Therefore, as soon as one gets into the stable yard it is immediately chased back out onto the pasture.

      I look forward to your email, yizhivika and to learning about some of your new goals for 2013! 🙂

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