Beauty in the Ordinary: Guitar

One does not have to look any further for beauty than one’s closest proximity.  In this new series, Beauty in the Ordinary I’d like to show that beauty can be found anywhere – in colors, in shapes, in textures, in contrasts, in the ordinary that surrounds us.

Today, I’d like to take a closer look at a guitar.  All shots were taken with a Canon 100mm macro lens which created the selective depth of field.

7 thoughts on “Beauty in the Ordinary: Guitar

  1. My digital camera macro photography has tended to be restricted to nature close-ups, mostly flowers, but one of my own favourite macro photographs was taken many years ago with a Russian lens on a set of bellows fixed onto a Japanese 35mm Yashica SLR! It was an extreme close-up of part a small ornamental elephant, and consequently essentially an abstract image, but I thought it worked pretty well as a picture ;).

    1. I love macro photography, especially with Bokeh effect. Today I went to a wedding. There I watched the wedding photographers and thought to myself that I would make a lousy one myself. It is very rare that I photograph people, and I always like to zoom in on things. Details seems to interest me more than the ‘big picture’. Macro photography opens up another world for me.

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