Photographic Journal: Greater Charleston, SC I

This post goes out to my London friend, yizhivika, who daily shared beautiful and interesting greater London area photos on his blog for one year.  Check them out here: yizhivika 🙂

More to come in future!

4 thoughts on “Photographic Journal: Greater Charleston, SC I

  1. Nice gallery! It’s a beautiful town in beautiful surroundings. I love the south in general and spent a lot of time on the coast. But I haven’t been to Charleston in decades.

    1. Thank you, bluebrightly! No doubt, it is beautiful here. Condé Nast Traveler readers voted Charleston, South Carolina the number 1 most beautiful city in the country in 2012. I can not judge. I think San Francisco is really beautiful, and I have never been to Seattle. At least not yet. 🙂

  2. Ah, dear andelieya, what can I say? I consider having this post dedicated to me a real privilege, and I cherish it :). it’s a lovely set of pictures of your hometown, and I greatly look forward to the second instalment! And it’s good for me to be able to virtually accompany you, in a ramble around Charleston ;). Thank you so much :).

andelieya values and appreciates all of your comments, critiques, thoughts, and ideas!

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