Thank you to all of my Fellow Bloggers!!!!

Dear Fellow-Bloggers throughout the world,

On the occasion of the Winter Solstice today, the turning point of predominant darkness to increasing light, I’d like to thank you all for your support and encouraging comments for my new blog, as well as the inspirations and beauty that you shared with me through your own blogs!

I am a newcomer to WordPress compared to most of you.  My first blog entry dates back only to October of this year.  But you have welcomed me and made me feel at home right away.  In only a little over two months, from New Zealand to the USA and all of the countries in between, you have viewed my blog 1354 times.

Your creativity, thought-provoking essays, profound poems, and photographic eyes for seeing things many people would just walk by without ever noticing overwhelms me!   It is a real pleasure and privilege to be part of this WordPress community with you!

Thank you all so much!