Meditation: The Importance of Yielding

As I was writing in my journal this morning, I looked out of the window and noticed how windy it was and how the branches of our red cedar tree were swaying.  They danced and swirled with the moving air.  But when the wind ceased, the cedar tree stood there completely motionless and still.  It settled back into itself.

The thought occurred to me that it is their flexibility that allows tree branches to effortlessly and painlessly move with every gust of wind.  If tree branches were rigid, they would not yield to the wind.  Instead, they would be an obstacle in its course and, as such, have to tolerate pain and exert a lot of effort to counter the wind’s force.  Wind can be strong; stronger than trees.  Strong winds can easily break off stiff branches, and storms can even uproot whole trees.

What trees, such as our red cedar tree, are teaching me is this:  Life’s events are as certain and, at times, can be as powerful as gusts of wind.  In the current of life, it is important to stay flexible.  Maintaining a rigid, unbending position can be laborious, cause unnecessary pain, and tire us. On the other hand, yielding to or accepting what comes our way can spare us harm and conserve energy.  In times of turbulence, there is no need for desperation, for every gust of wind is followed by stillness.  That’s the time to settle into our Selves.

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