The Beauty in Flaws

Recently I stumbled upon a rose bush which was void of any leaves.  However, as I looked more closely, I noticed something peculiar about it:  it had one big, plump rose bud.

All the other rose bushes nearby had an abundance of leaves.  Yet the leafless rose bush was not concerned with that. It did not compare itself to the other rose bushes.  It did not get depressed or let envy get in its way.  Instead, it decided to bloom and reveal its unique beauty to the world  the way it was intended to. And gorgeous it was!

The observation above reminded me of our obsession with looks.  We worry so much about perceived flaws in our physique.  We feel pressured to measure up to unachievable, unrealistic standards.  Of course, by default hardly anyone ever does.

The truth is, we are all beautiful and perfect just as we are in our own uniqueness.  There is only one of you and one of me.  Let us follow the example of the leafless rose bush and unfold our own unique beauty the way we are intended to.

One thought on “The Beauty in Flaws

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