Row seven.  I started with nothing.  Now there are seven interwoven rows.  A form is emerging from something raw and formless.  It is a beginning.  Will the final form look the way I want it to?  Will it be the right size?

Soon I have to change my strategy.  The first part, the ribbing can only be continued until it measures 2.5 inches.  Then I have to change course.  Later on, I will have to change course again.  At some points I have to increase at others decrease.  Only this way all will fit together.

There is no guarantee that the end result will be as I expect it.  It takes faith to continue without this certainty.  Only with faith do I get to the end. Without faith, reluctance will weigh heavily on me and I won’t be able to either start or continue.

In the end, I will put it all together.  It will form one usable whole.  All separate pieces merge and become one.  I will have a sense of accomplishment and joy.

I will look back and remind myself that without faith, diligence and continues hard work there would be no result.  Yes, there were times of doubt and hesitancy. Times where I misread the pattern or my attention lapsed and work had to be unraveled and done over again the right way. Times where I wanted to give up.  I will tell myself that everything starts with faith and is led to completion through the ups and downs by upholding faith.

That’s the creative process.  No matter if we are creating a sweater, a painting, a story or developing the full potential of our Selves, all requires faith.

andelieya values and appreciates all of your comments, critiques, thoughts, and ideas!

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